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About Qindao Daren Fortune Animal Technology Co.,Ltd


Qindao Daren Fortune Animal Technology Co.,Ltd,is thelargest provider of frozen foods and live foods  for reptlie pets. The company lies in the beautiful seaside city-Qingdao. Qingdao petfood special breeding farm, which was founded on 6th june, 2002, is the predecessor of the company. In order tofurther meet the needs of our customers, Daren fortune was established in February 2009. The factory covers an area of 159860 square meters with building area about 26000 square meters. Our company consists of five breeding farms for rats, insects, ect.

 Qingdao Daren fortune Animal Technology Co.,Ltd  provides premium quality feeder animals to the reptiles, birds of prey, aquatic and carnivore communities. Our company specializes in the production and distribution of frozen foods and live foods provding more than 40 specification products, such as frozen mice, rats, locusts, crickets, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, quail, etc. Our breeding  farms have a monthly production capacity of frozen mice 600,000, frozen rats 200,000, frozen locusts 1500,000 and frozen crickets 1500,000. Our products are mainly exported to Japan, European, HongKong, and other developed countries and areas.

 Our professional breeding farm locates in the region without any pollution. We own highly specialized breeding facility and own breeding workshop, feed processingworkshop and freezing and packing workshop, which are separate from each other. The whole plant is divided into three sections(inclding living area,office area,production area) according to rigorous regulations of animal husbandry. All the animals used for production are absolutely raised by ourselves. We follow close to the line of hygiene and disease control procedures, as well as the production and quality management.In addition ,we use the appropriate wholesome feed to keep our products healthy and rich in nutrition at the same time.

 To ensure the high security and high security and high nutrition of the products and meet the repuirements of the health for pets, every process is examined strictly in the production. We adopt the manner of package of individual quick freezing and individual packing, which not only guarantees the quality and the appearance of products ,but also facilitates the clients.

Daren fortune will give full play to its strategic advantageous in talent and technology,continuously improve the ability of management,effectively integrate the advantage resources, and will better meet the needs of customers through our constant efforts.