Enterpise Culture



Qingdao Daren Fortune Animal Technology Co.,Ltd is the largest supplier of frozen foods and living foods for pets. Living foods, frozen foods, and canned foods are our main products, including more than 30 productions. All products are made in our professional farm. We are specializing in reptile foods. This enables us to cover the following points:


l        Our professional farms posses complete quality-control program and experienced technicist. Every product and every link receives rigorous, multi-faceted testing. We can provide our customers with high-quality and healthy living foods.

l        Whether it is in breeding, producing process, or in packaging process, we all abide by rigorous hygiene standards to ensure that you can get clean insects. In addition, our frozen foods all adopt specially vacuum package and quick-freeze, which remain the freshness and reduce the oxidation of the surface to prolong the guarantee period.

l        Each animal has its specific eating habit, our feeds are all produced according to nutritionists’ formula that scientifically designed and made from the highest-qingredients. These ensure the most nutritious and the most abundant living foods or frozen foods for your pets.

l        With years of experience, industry credibility, and friendly attitude, our well-trained technicists can answer any question that you come across during the breeding of your pets. And they can help you to choose right size foods and provide reasonably suggestions on how to prepare and dealt with frozen foods to feed your pets.

l        Compared with other similar suppliers, we have many advantages. All our products are produced in our own farm to insure high-quality; we provide 100% customers satisfaction; the quality of products is incomparable.


Our Motto: fresh and healthy foods for healthy reptiles.


Remember please: value for money, we look forward to your response. Wishes you big success!  We are truly experts of reptile foods.