Enterpise Indtoduction



Daren Fortune Animal Technology Co,. Ltd (Daren Fortune for short), incorporated in Feb. 2009, of which the predecessor is Qingdao Pet Food Special Breeding Farm founded in June, 2002, located in Jimo city, near to Tsingtao Port, China, is known as the professional quality live and frozen pet foods supplier and distributor. With the cover of an area of 159860 m2 including 5 breeding farms occupied the area of 26000 m2, Daren Fortune has huge supply ability to produce not only feeder animals and insects for reptiles, amphibians, birds of prey, aquatics and other carnivorous communities but also pet rodents food meeting clients' requirement of puchasing large quantity home and abroad.
As for feeder animals, we mainly supplies frozen feeder rodents, mice and rats in sizes from pinky to adult. As China's leading supplier of quality frozen feeder mice and rats (with prodution capacity of 600000 and 200000 pcs respectively per month), our mice and rats are born and raised in healthy and sanitary environment with constant fresh airflow, proper temperature and humidity, daily cleaning, scientifically-formulated diet and clean water, which makes them a safe and reliable nutrition source for carnivorous reptiles, raptors or birds of prey. Feeder mice and rats are euthanized in gaseous carbon dioxide chamber humanely which is quick and painless for rodents, tucked their legs and tails neatly underneath their body, and individually quick frozen (IQF) which kills any parasites present in live rodents and easy to be handled, then counted into re-closeable freezer bags to keep fresh. They are also vacuum-packed for freshness, and to eliminate freezer burn, increase their freezer life, and ensure they pack flat for easy storage. Besides, frozen chicks, rabbits, guinea pigs, quails, turtles, fish, roe, shrimps, snails, etc. are supplied to meet customer's diverse need.
To implement market diversification strategy, Daren Fortune extend range of products wider in feeder insects for amphibians, raptors reptiles like lizards as well as pet rodents food. The prey insects include mealworm, barley worm, silk worm, maggot, locust (producing 1500000 pcs per month), grasshopper, cricket (producing 1500000 pcs per month ), dubia cockroach, pupaes, dobson, cockchafer, worker bee, beetle and so on. Pet rodent foods we provide are complete herbage, rabbit appetizer, natural forage, millet, fresh grass, hamster bar, alfalafa, rabbit basics, animalover snax, rabbit deluxe diets, squirrel bar, hamster pellets, rabbit veggie burger, chinchilla cuisine, chew blocks, chew twigs, mice sticks, etc.
All above are applied HACCP system in the process of production to ensure high safety and nutrition of the products for healthy pets. Cooperating with Qingdao Agriculture University, we established Qingdao Daren Reptiles Breeding Technology Institute, which is specialized in breeding and reproduction of reptiles such as lizards, ball pythons, hognose snakes, corn snakes, geckos, etc.
With years of experience in this industry, our products have been exported to America, Japan, Europe, Hong Kong and other developed countries and areas, and appealed to breeders and hobbyists, which is attributed to our professional team and mostly our clients' trust. Through common constant efforts of well-orgnized team from R & D, purchase, production, sales, management, accounting, warehousing to front-line workers, we strive to serve clients better with nutritious and reliable pet food as our ideal goal.