Rabbit Veggie Burger

Rabbit Veggie Burger

Rabbit Veggie Burger

Rabbit Veggie Burger(DRF020)

Fortified with essential vitamins and chelated minerals,Rabbit Veggie Burger contains a wholesome combination of organic ingredients, including high-fiber grass hay and essential nutrients to mirror the nutrition a rabbit would find in its natural environment. Serve Fortune's Organic Foods with Fortune’s grass hay for complete organic nutrition.

Premium Ingredients:

Secale Cerale is main material collocated with alfalfa, providing a good balance.

*Maintain the digestive system: lactein is specially added for the growth of young rabbit’s digestive system.

*Stored under normal natural temperature: this product refines vitamin E from rigorous selected sunflower. This can prolong the storage period.

This product has three means to keep health:

*Keep physical health;

Items that contain 80% oleate can lubricate the skin.

*Keep teeth health:

   Arched figure can be easily chewed, fasten incisors, and keep a good mood.

  *Keep good mood:

   Sprouted black rice can reduce the stress of small animals and eat happily every day.

Feeding recommendation:

*40-50g per kilogram of the pet, twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

  *Provide sufficient and clean water every day.

  *The feeding should be adjusted according to the age, weight, amount of exercises, health conditions.


* Please store under normal atmospheric temperature(lower than 25), and avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and moisture.

* After opening, please use it as soon as possible.

Precautions: (guardians should read it carefully)

  * This product is designed for small pets; you should pay attention to prevent the children from eating it by mistake.

  * As agricultural product, this item may produce insects due to different environments. Please store in accordance with recorded storage.

  * When your children feed this product to pet, please keep an eye on your children!

  * Place it out of the touch of the children.

Premium Ingredients:

*Herbage, saccharides, corn, defatted soybean, pulp, wheatmeal, yeast, malus pumila, sprouted black rice, animal oil and fat, oil of melon seeds, vitamins(A, B1, B2, B6, B12,C, D3, E, K3, choline, Nicotinic Acid, pantothenic acid, Folic Acid folate, minerals(CaNaCl), colorant (Brilliant Blue, Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow , Ponceau 4R).

*Aluminum packaging and oxygen absorbent can isolate the food with sunlight and acid to protect the fragrance and freshness of the food.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude protein: min 14.0%, crude fat: min 5.0%, crude fiber: max 15.0%, crude ash: max 10.0% calcium: min 0.6%, phosphorus: min 0.3%, heat: 323kcal/100g