Super Squirrel Bar

Super Squirrel Bar

Super Squirrel Bar

Super Squirrel Bar(DRF040)

Fortune’s Super Squirrel Bar is all-natural food reasonably collocated with a small number of vegetable (carrot, cabbage, potato,), corn, and wheat. Please feed it to squirrel as staple every day. It is specially added natural ferment powder refined from rice shoots and soybean. If consumed constantly, they can reduce feces stink.


Balanced nutritional staple of squirrel

Feeding Recommendation:

 * Please adjust the feeding according to the age, weight, amount of physical exercises, and physical conditions of your pets.

 * Please ensure sufficient and fresh water.


* Please store under normal atmospheric temperature(lower than 25), and avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and moisture.

* After opening, please seal it as soon as possible. If it is stored under high temperature and moisture, insects may come into being.

Precautions: (guardians should read it carefully)

  * This product is designed for small pets; you should pay attention to prevent the children from eating it by mistake.

  * As agricultural product, this item may produce insects due to different environments. Please store in accordance with recorded storage.

  * When your children feed this product to pet, please keep an eye on your children!

  * Place it out of the touch of the children.

Premium Ingredients: the seed of sunflower, barley, wheat, pellets of vole, wheat, corn, carrot, potato, cabbage, and extract of fermented soybean.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude protein: min 13%

Crude fat: min 6%

Crude fiber: max 9%

Crude ash: max 2%

Moisture: max 12%