Chinchilla Cuisine

Chinchilla Cuisine

Chinchilla Cuisine

Chinchilla Cuisine(DRR010)

Fortune’s Chinchilla Cuisine is a kind of pellet with complete and balanced nutrition. It is nutritionally complete, palatable, and can prevent diseases and maintain health. This product is specially designed by the nutritionist of the famous Chinese Agricultural University according to the different nutritional needs of chinchillas in different stages. It contains sufficient energy, abundant protein, crude fiber, microelement, trace element, vitamins and it is specially added vitamin E that enhances the reproductive performance; in addition, it also specially added probiotics which is beneficial to the growth and breeding of chinchilla and improve the environment. It can maintain health, prevent diseases, and reduce feces stinks, ensuring good environment.

Feeding recommendation:

It should be fed according to the age and the weight of chinchilla. You can feed it to your chinchilla one time each day at dusk and ensure the providing of sufficient water and hay. If pregnant, the chinchilla should be feed properly according to different stages.

Premium Ingredients:

probiotics, currant, hips, minerals, corns, bean pulp, alfalfa meals, yeast powder, salt, millet and various vitamins.

Typical Analysis: crude fiber 17% , crude protein 16.6% , crude fat 3.5% ,  water max 12%,   calcium 1.0% ,  phosphorus 0.5%