Chew Twigs

Chew Twigs

Chew Twigs

Apple Sticks (DRF060)

Fortune's all-natural sticks are produced in pollution-free orchard. All sticks are made of the freshest fruitwood of those days. It is processed by high-pressure water cleaning, high-temperature sterilization and fumigation. These sticks are rich in vitamins, minerals and microelements. They can be used as molar appliance as well as toy. Your pet will be crazy about the aromatic smell of the sticks.

Material: Red Fuji apple sticks


The cuticular layer is both sour and sweet; the woodiness is solid.


It is suitable for chinchilla, hamster, rabbit as chew twigs to grind teeth.


Diameter: 0.5-1.5 cm; longth: 10-12cm

Package: 60g per box


Apple sticks are washed by high pressure water without any pesticide. And they are dried and are safe to be fed to small animals.